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Do you like to play Alphabetty Saga? We love to play it as well. If you are not actually aware of what it is, well it is another fantastic piece of mobile game app from King, the creator of game apps like candy crush. And they have managed again to come up with yet another amazing game called Alphabetty Saga.

It is basically a word puzzle game where one needs to form words out of the given jumbled alphabets. You have specific amount of moves (also known as lives) to reach the desired points to successfully complete the level.

The Problem

Completing the first few levels are easy. You have enough moves to complete the level, collect the required points and move to the next level. However, things get tricky and challenging once you advance further on to higher levels.

What happens usually on these levels is that you are stuck and run out of moves before you can complete the level. You have got two choices here - either wait for moves to generate again or buy them (also known as "gold" offered as in-app purchase). But it can get very costly buying it.

So, what is the solution? Well, meet...

Alphabetty Saga Cheats & Hack

A lot of people requested and we heard your request! Our team of expert developers have been working for the past few days to come up with a set of tool and cheats.

By using our hack tool and cheats that we have developed, you will get the following benefits:

Also, do not worry about getting banned. Our tool and cheats are 100% safe and we test it daily. All updates will be also provided for free to keep this hack always working and secure.


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And the best part is that our hack and cheats will work with every operating system - iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and even Linux.

Working Proof

In below image, you can see how after using our alphabetty cheats and hack, we managed to get above 900,000 gold. And you can do this as many times as you want!

alphabetty saga cheats


So, if you do not want to pay for in-app purchases for extra movies or gold, download our hack tool and cheats by clicking on the blue download button right below and enjoy playing Alphabetty Saga like never before, without any restrictions!


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